Linguistic Writing

This page is to save data and lists I make while reading journals.



Frame for introducing trees:

to be as in (1)
As shown in the diagram in (4),
as shown in (5):
in the tree in (5)
in (6)
Consider the following diagram where…
as shown below in (10):
as in the diagram in (13):

Psycholinguistic quote frames:
Cite (year) argued that so many…
Cite et al. have argued that it is best
Cite (year) has recently pointed out that
Cite also suggested that the literature
Cite has demonstrated this by
Cite (year) have shown that
This resonates with Cite (year) view that
For example, Cite (year) suggested that
To illustrate, Cite (year) found that
Cite (year) found
Cite (year) supports
has been reported by Cite (year).
Cite (year) and Cite (year) studies enable us to test
Cite (year) has advanced further claims
Cite (year) reinterprets
Cite (year) identify
relevant aspects of Cite (year) and Cite (year) studies
Cite (year) define


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