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Using four sided dice for tenses

ESL activity using four sided dice

Four sided dice being used to add variety to an ESL activity.

Recently, I have had great success incorporating four sided dice into the lesson. Because a few of the students do not like sentence drills, role plays or game tasks (oddly!), I have had to find a way to get them talking to each other without me involved.  Then don’t like activity sheets but they like rolling dice.  While normal game dice (six-sided) are great for board type activities and pennies are great for two-sided needs, I had been needing something with just the right number for some basic tenses.  This is great for randomizing their drills

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Screencasting example correcting a student writing assignment

Here is a screencast ESL example of an instructor using a screencast for correcting grammar on a writing assignment.

I found this in the article, “Show me!  Enhanced Feedback Through Screencasting Technology” in the TESL Canada Journal Vol 30 No 1, 2012.

the WERTi project for textual enhancement

Here is a link to WERTi (Working with English Real Texts)

To use it.  Click on the type of English text you want enhanced.  For example, on the left side you can click on articles.  Then select the type of enhancement desired such as highlighting.

Here is an example of a Washington Post technology article: Limit not a word in Apple’s vocabulary

Here is another example from my blog: Unburritable

Although it doesn’t work with every website, it does work with the Washington post website and Word Press blogs.  Thus, if an instructor was keeping a blog with examples for students to read, they could give an un-textually-enhanced link and another one with the textual enhancements.

Here is a presentation with more examples of textual enhancements on the web using WERTi.