LaTeX – a simple example for an assignment

Usually for assignments, I just put my title in my header since that saves paper.  If the paper needs an actual title at the top, I use the “article” style in LaTeX since it only uses half a page and not a full page – again saving paper.  In the example below I use \maketitle which then makes a half page header.  Of course, this is not a requirement (unless the assignment calls for it).



% I use this for putting header and footer info but it has more features as well.
% Both instructions below are needed to get headers (plus the actual heading info also is below

% I found this apa format useful this semester. You can also do annotated bibliography with it.
% Though, it is a bit of learning curve for the annotated bibliography

% This is example header and footer
\rhead{My Name}
\chead{Assignment Title}
\lhead{Fall 2012}

\title{My Title}
\author{My Name}


\section{Section One}
This is just a test document using \LaTeX

\section{Section Two}
This is my second section.

% This will include all my bib entries even if I don’t actually cite them. Usually, this is not needed. % But in this case, I don’t have any citations.

% note that apacann is the annotated bibiography style. I always put annotations in my bibtex file whether or not an annotated bibliography is needed. Good notes for later of course. This will pull those out into a pdf for me.
% this is the non-annotated style when I don’t want to include those.

% I name my bibliography file the same. not sure that is necessary or not.


————BibTex File—–

%% This BibTeX bibliography file was created using BibDesk.
%% Created for at 2012-12-06 14:58:03 -0600
%% Saved with string encoding Unicode (UTF-8)

Annote = {This is an example Annotation.},
Author = {Bickenbach,Jerome E.},
Date-Added = {2012-12-06 14:56:38 -0600},
Date-Modified = {2012-12-06 14:57:33 -0600},
Issn = {1759-0949},
Issue = {04},
Journal = {Dialogue},
Numpages = {4},
Pages = {667–670},
Title = {`One Ought to Do What One Thinks One Ought to Do’},
Volume = {14}}


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