Trees in LaTeX

A recent assignment required trees so I checked the following resources:
LaTeX for Linguists resources at UTA

Upon reading the options I decided to try xyling style.  It uses xypic.sty so I just put it in the same directory as my other .sty files.  It is noted that converting it to PDF might be problematic and I was having trouble with this so instead I decided to use qtree and did the same with its .sty file.  I would be interested if someone has had more success than me with xyling style though since it seems to have some versatility.  The qtree.sty worked with no issues for me.

Below is a quick sample I did in qtree for this post.

The code for it is below.  One note is that the nodes are defined as [.node ] with the dot before them.  If more than one word is needed then use curly braces {}, such as, [.{Two words} ].  Also, the code will not compile if the closing bracket does not have a space.  For example, [.Node daughter1 daughter2] is not good but [.Node daughter1 daughter2 ] is fine.





\lhead{Hello World}

\chead{A Simple Tree}

\rhead{Fall 2012}



\Tree[.{S Node} [.NP [.Det a ] [.N dog ] ] [.VP [.V ran ] ] ]



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